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Because every dog has the right to the same amount of attention and we want to develop our breeding program as dog-friendly as possible, we have decided to work together with guardian families. 

What does this mean?

  • We entrust you with an Australian Labradoodle that you will welcome into your family with lots of love and attention. 

  • You give the dog the very best care (both physical and mental), where necessary with our support and guidance.

  • You live at a maximum of half an hour drive from Kortrijk.

  • You prefer not to have cats, but you do have an enclosed garden.

  • You prefer not to have children under the age of 8 and/or a busy schedule.

  • We remain the owner of the dog as long as it remains active in our breeding program (according to the breeding rules of the ALAEU this is for females at the latest after 5 litters or after the age of 8 years). As soon as we decide not to breed with the dog anymore, you become the owner.

  • You only pay an administrative registration fee, and therefore no purchase price for the dog.  If the dog does not pass the health tests (at the age of 14 months) to continue as a breeding dog, the purchase price of a family dog - administrative registration fee has to be paid.

  • You are responsible for the costs associated with a family dog: purchase of quality food and chewing material, toys, dog cushion, grooming costs and the usual veterinary costs.

  • We are responsible for all costs related to the medical examinations and treatments in the context of the breeding program.

  • If you have a male, he will come to us for any matings.

  • If you have a female, she will stay with us from a week before the birth until the puppies are sufficiently independent. (maximum 1 x per year and maximum for 5 litters).  Of course you can visit several times.


Giving birth in an environment where the bitch can feel safe is very important. That is why it is necessary that our dogs visits us at regular intervals. To be able to give our future litters our full attention, unfortunately we cannot guarantee holiday care. 


Are you genuinely interested? Send an email via the contact form below with a short presentation of you/your family + motivation.

 We look forward to getting to know you.

Dear greetings,

Inge & Alex

Thanks for submitting!

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