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Australian Labradoodles


An Australian Labradoodle has an allergy-friendly coat.  Unfortunately, this does not mean that everyone with an allergy to dogs will by definition tolerate an Australian Labradoodle well.  Someone with a dog allergy may be allergic to a dog's saliva, urine, or fur/dander.  It is therefore strongly recommended that you thoroughly test any reaction before purchasing an Australian Labradoodle.  

The coat of an Australian Labradoodle is super soft and invites you to cuddle.  On the other hand, taking care of them does require some time and energy.  It is a myth that the Australian Labradoodle does not shed.  It is true that this dog has no moulting periods, but loses some hair throughout the year.  These dead hairs do not fall to the ground, but weave themselves into the soft guard hairs.  If these are not brushed out regularly, tangles are difficult to remove.  

  By regularly taking care of the coat, you not only get a Labradoodle with the typical cuddly coat, but also the bond with you and your dog becomes even closer.

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