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The Australian Labradoodle is very intelligent, sociable, gentle and calm in handling.  Its intelligence makes it easy to train.  However, his intelligence also has a downside.  If not properly raised or trained, he will use his intelligence to teach himself naughty tricks and can become quite a stubborn and annoying dog.  So give him plenty of good spiritual challenge.



His social character makes him very happy to be in the presence of his owner.  It is absolutely not a dog to keep outside.  Then he becomes really unhappy.


It is also not a dog to be left alone very much.  Of course you can teach him to stay alone for some time and he will certainly accept that, but he is only really happy in the presence of people and other dogs too. He really likes to go out with his boss and also needs a physical challenge.  He is not satisfied with just a tour around the house, but really wants at least 1.5 hours of exercise every day get. 


Many Australian Labradoodles also love to swim and you can do them a great favor by letting them romp around with and in the water. .

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