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Everyone likes to have a healthy dog.  Nutrition plays an important role in this and as an owner you naturally want the best.  But what is the best?  There is a lot of discussion about the choice between fresh meat or chunks. 

Opinions are divided especially about KVV (complete fresh food). on behavior and immunity.  However, none of these benefits have been scientifically proven. 


The fact that the dog is descended from the wolf is the basis of this raw meat diet.  However, over time this wild carnivore evolved into a domesticated omnivore. To meet its daily nutritional needs, the dog as we know it today is perfectly capable of digesting and absorbing both animal and vegetable products.

In fact, the typical meat diet was optimal for the wild, non-domesticated animals to survive and reproduce in their often short lives, but would not be the best option for our pets, which we want to keep longer.


In the long run, a nutritional imbalance develops that has an irreversible negative impact on the health of the dog and the ever-present micro-organisms pose a safety risk, both for the animal and for the people in the home .

Australian Labradoodles

Since there are no demonstrable benefits for fresh food in the long term, we prefer kibble for our dog. The range of kibble is very large and the composition can vary greatly.  It is best to choose a quality kibble without chemical additives.  This also applies to the snacks . Opt for the natural, dried or smoked products. 

Source: Freeman, LM, Chandler, ML, Hamper, BA & Weeth, LP (2013). Current Knowledge about the risks and benefits of raw meat-based diets for dogs and cats.  Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, Vol 213(11), 1549-1558.

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