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If you are convinced that you want to commit to taking a puppy into your home and taking good care of it for the next 13 to 15 years, you can do an application via the contact form on this website. We accept applications that we estimate that the waiting time until the birth of your puppy will not exceed one year.  Because we would like to know where our puppies end up, we will send you a questionnaire.  Once we have processed the completed questionnaire, we would like to invite you for an introductory visit to our home.

We can grant you a place on the waiting list if there is an agreement with mutual trust after the visit and the requested deposit has been paid.  The price for a home-born, well-socialized, vaccinated and chipped puppy is €2250 (excl. VAT).  Because we are a breeder controlled and recognized by the Flemish government (HK 12308025), you as a buyer are also extra protected. 

Puppy choice

Our puppies may grow into adult dogs measuring 43-50 cm and weighing between 10 and 15 kg.  The wavy or curly fleece coat can be cream, red or any shade in between.  Both coat color and coat type may be subject to change after a certain amount of time has passed.  ​

From week six after birth, as a puppy buyer you can choose a puppy from the litter yourself, in order of registration on the waiting list.  Because we will know the puppies inside and out by then, we are happy to advise you on this choice.  If you do not feel a click with a puppy from the litter assigned to you, you can move on to the next litter where there is still a place available.  To perfect our breeding program, Lysdoodles always has the right to be the first to choose a puppy from the litter.

If you are interested in a dog with breeding rights and therefore after us first choice comes from a suitable litter, other conditions apply which we would be happy to explain to you by telephone or e-mail.


An application is possible exclusively done by candidates from the following countries:


Belgium, Bulgaria, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Croatia, Austria, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic and Switzerland.


Due to vaccination legislation, we cannot accept applications from countries not included in the list above.

Thank you for your interest in a Lysdoodles puppy,

Inge and Alex

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